100 Must-See Art Blogs (of Every Form)

Nov 24th, 2008

The Internet can be a great place for artists to come together, share art and read information about the latest exhibitions in their area. These blogs can help keep you in the loop and provide inspiration for art of just about any kind from illustration to performance art so you don’t miss out on a single opportunity.

News and Reviews

Get updates on the latest goings-ons in the art world from updates on artists to critiques of recent exhibits.

  1. Art News Blog: This blog is home to daily updates about art news from around the world so you can make sure to stay in the loop of what’s hot.
  2. Absolute Arts: Contributed to by a number of bloggers, this site contains a wide range of information on the art world as well as relevant discussions, debates and much more.
  3. ArtByUs: Check out this news blog for information that covers the more mundane issues of art as well as the unusual.
  4. Akrylic: Browse or search through this blogs to find a number of reviews, interviews and essays on established and emerging artists alike.
  5. New Art: This blog is a great place to keep up with the latest in art that you may not have found on your own.
  6. NEWSGrist: Stay up to date on the latest in art, politics and culture through this blog.
  7. ArtReview: The blog for this popular magazine can be an ideal place to find insightful and high-quality information and critique of art online.
  8. ArtsJournal: Updated daily, this blog provides readers with information on a range of fine arts from dance to painting.
  9. Art AllTop: Want to read all the best art news in one place? Bookmark this blog which brings it all together in one easily-accessible place.
  10. CR Blog: The writers of Creative Review bring you this blog, where you can find news and opinions on the latest issues in the visual arts.
  11. ArtWorld Salon: Find analysis, opinions and debate on all kinds of art and culture on this informative blog.

Galleries, Exhibitions and Collecting

Check out these blogs to read all about upcoming shows and learn how you can build your own art career and collection.

  1. Artopia: Blogger John Perreault expresses his thoughts about the art he’s seen in recent exhibitions, galleries and show in this thoughtful blog.
  2. ArtForum Blog: Keep up with the bigwigs in the art world through the posts about exhibitions and collectors in this blog.
  3. Modern Art Notes: Tyler Green shares his opinions on modern art in this blog. Posts range from reviews of exhibitions to his personal experiences traveling and seeing art.
  4. ArtAddict: Art curator and gallery founder Paige West maintains this blog and provides both reviews of shows and her own advice on collecting and buying art.
  5. art.blogging.la: Get the latest information on what’s going on in the LA art world through this city-specific blog.
  6. Modern Art Obsession: Can’t stop yourself from collecting art? This blogger shares your affliction and covers the latest in art sales, acquisitions and what’s hot at the moment.
  7. ArtCal: More of an online magazine than a blog, this site provides a number of articles related to currently unknown artists and galleries they think deserve recognition.
  8. edward_winkleman: With posts on everything from art to politics, this blogger comments on larger issues in the art world as well as specific exhibits in galleries like his own.
  9. Art Fag City: For those with a love of the New York art scene, this blog is the ideal tool to keep you in the know. You’ll find information on gallery openings, reviews and even a little gossip about the art world to keep things interesting.
  10. Gallery Driver: This blog aggregates news from art blogs all over the Web so you can get it in one easily accessible place.
  11. All The Time Art: Whether you’ve just started collecting art or are fairly experienced, this blog provides information on the prospects for your art investments as well as tips on how to get started for beginners.
  12. Art Market Blog: Follow what’s up for sale and what you can expect to pay for it in this market focused blog.

Drawing and Painting

For those working in painting and drawing, these blogs offer tips and inspiration while sharing personal experiences in the art field.

  1. Making a Mark: Katherine Tyrrell writes this blog and provides helpful instruction on drawing with pastels, ink and pencil.
  2. David G. Derrick: While David C. Derrick is a sculptor by profession, this blog provides a collection of his sketches of animals that can be informative for artists looking to see how to take a preliminary drawing and make it into a final product.
  3. Two Coats of Paint: Here you’ll find articles, reviews and information all about the world of painting.
  4. PaintersNYC: Get your daily dose of painting through this blog that posts a new artist or painting everyday. It can be a great way to learn about the kinds of art that are out there and maybe even find a new favorite artist.
  5. Painting Blog: From articles about how to make money as an artist to new ways to use acrylic paints, this blog can be an essential resource for artists working with paint.
  6. A Plein Air Painter’s Blog: For those interested in painting outdoors, this blog can be an interesting read as painter Michael Johnson posts his experiences painting nature in nature.
  7. Studio Notes: Terry Miura is an artist who has worked in the field of illustration for years but now spends a good deal of his time painting the great outdoors. Check out his blog for inspirational paintings.
  8. DrawingBlog: Share your daily drawings in this fun and collaborative blog.
  9. The Drawing Club: Michael Nobbs runs this blog that’s all about drawing. You’ll see his personal drawings as well as posts from other drawing enthusiasts from around the world.
  10. Drawing Coach: This blog posts easy to follow tutorials fairly regularly so the amateur artist can improve their drawing skills little by little.
  11. Watercolor Artist Blog: If oils or acrylics aren’t your things, check out this blog about watercolors. You’ll find information about exhibits, awards, and more.

Graphic Design and Digital Media

Whether you’re working as a or just like to use new technology, these blogs have something to offer to keep you interested.

  1. A List Apart: Get some information on creating websites that are both functional and aesthetically appealing from this online magazine and blog.
  2. DaniDraws: Looking to learn a little bit more about working with Photoshop and Illustrator? This blog is full of helpful tips from professional illustrator Dani Jones.
  3. Design Observer: This blog is home to posts that analyze and give insight into design and mass culture.
  4. Core77: More industrial design than graphic design, this blog still gives value information and resources that artists can use to create great products.
  5. AisleOne: Read all about design, typography and other creative topics in this designer-written blog.
  6. Dexigner: Give this blog a read to get the latest in relevant design news.
  7. Smashing Magazine: The blog of this online magazine provides helpful information on design and technology for web developers.
  8. Just Creative Design: Graphic designer Jacob Cass maintains this blog about his work and experiences in his native Australia.
  9. Designer Daily: Bookmark this blog to get daily updates on design inspiration and new online resources to try out.
  10. You the Designer: Find everything from news about new resources to postings for graphic design jobs on this blog.
  11. bittbox: Check out this site for design freebies, tips and tutorials.

New Media and Cutting Edge

Stay on the leading edge of the art world with these informative blogs.

  1. Wooster Collective: This blog is dedicated to presenting ephemeral art, often found on the street, in an online forum where everyone can enjoy it.
  2. Happy Famous Artists: Looking for art that reflects the naughty, nonsensical and at times downright disgusting? Check out this blog for loads of posts on shocking and stimulating art.
  3. PostSecret: Have a secret you’ve been hiding? Let it out in the anonymous but public forum, where user postcards, secret included, are posted.
  4. Web Urbanist: Pay a visit to this site to keep up on the latest in street and urban art.
  5. Invisible Red: Discover the relationship between performance art and advertising in this interesting blog.
  6. Implicit Art: Learn about art you might not have known about previously in this blog by Nathaniel Stern.
  7. LVHRD: This group aims to increase interaction between creative professionals through an unconventional event series operated online in their blog.
  8. Spawn of the Surreal: While the larger Surrealist movement may have ended, artists working in Second Life like this blogger still find inspiration in their dreams.

By the Artist

Get in touch with others in the art community through these informative and interesting blogs by the artists themselves.

  1. William Wray: This former comic book artist and painter shares his experiences working plein air like Monet in this blog.
  2. Laurelines: For some inspirational sketches, this blog is a great place to look. You’ll find themed and general pen and ink, pencil, and watercolor sketches here.
  3. An Artist’s Journal: Read this blog to get updates and photos of finished products and experiments from this Florida artist.
  4. Stilllifes: Mary Klein posts her still life drawings on this blog, which, while simple, have a big impact visually.
  5. Up All Night Again: Kirsty Hall, an artist and art curator, provides updates about her personal work and life as well as tips and information for other artists as well.
  6. Chasing Vincent: This artist aimed to follow in the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh (minus the suicide) and venture in into the art world to try to find success and make an impact.
  7. The Blackwing Diaries: Blogger Jenny Lerew is an animation story artist and her blog is full of inspirational images, writing and more.
  8. Art Bloggin: Check out this site to read the blogs of hundreds of artists that do everything from photography to sculpture.
  9. The Art Life: Use this blog as a forum to get the word out about your new art as well as stay in the loop about the latest gallery exhibitions.

For the Artist

These blogs are designed to help you as the artist to build your skills, share your work and eventually sell it to become a successful professional.

  1. SELLOUT: While no longer actively updated, this blog is a great reservoir of information about selling art. If you want more recently updated content check out the author’s personal blog here.
  2. Art Biz Blog: Alyson Stanfield writes and podcasts about all aspects of the business side of art to help artists just starting out to make the most of their talent.
  3. Artpreneur: This blog is full of resources to help artists sell their work including coaching, financial advice and career tools.
  4. Empty Easel: This online art magazine and blog provides advice, tips, and tutorials for creating and selling art.
  5. ‘skine art: If you jot down your thoughts and ideas in a Moleskine notebook why not share them with the world in this collaborative blog?
  6. The Artist’s Magazine: Even if you don’t read this magazine you can get some helpful tips, ideas and inspiration from the blog.
  7. Art Print Issues: While most art blogs focus on creativity, this blog focuses on the business aspects of art, helping you understand how to market and sell your work.
  8. Prosperous Artists: Composed of both a blog and a podcast series, this site offers artists all kinds of ideas of ways they can get out and make money off of their creativity.
  9. Selling Art Blog: Learn some valuable tactics and get advice on selling art from this blog.

Art History

Learn a little bit about art from a historical, theoretical and critical viewpoint in these classes.

  1. Lines and Colors: Blogger Charley Parker, covers the lives and artwork of painters and illustrators in his daily posts so you can learn who’s who in the art world.
  2. Art History Newsletter: From rankings of art magazines to information on important artists like Mark Rothko, this blog covers a wide range of art historical issues.
  3. The Art History Blog: Written by undergraduate students, this blog contains "articles, essays, reviews, and news about art, art history, and museums."
  4. Shelley’s Art History Blog: Venture to About.com to see this blog that posts on some of the latest issues relevant to the study of art history.
  5. SmartHistory: This blog combines ideas about technology, teaching and art history.
  6. The Earthly Paradise: Inspired by Romantic poetry and the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood, this blogger posts about art, history and everything in between.
  7. Dali House: Based on the ideas of the Surrealist painter Dali, this blogger posts about the art of the everyday as well as about artists that are interesting or intriguing.
  8. Art and Critique: Get information and critical analysis of a wide range of art historical images on this blog.


Professional and amateur photographers alike will appreciate these blogs and the beautiful images they provide.

  1. Gallery Hopper: This photography blog is full of links to the latest news in the photography world, commentary, photos and much more to help you stay informed and inspired by the world of photography.
  2. One Exposure: If you want to see some great photography, check out this blog. It’s contributed to by a variety of photographers and posts new images daily for your viewing pleasure.
  3. New York Photo Blog: Photographer David Becker shares his photos and his thoughts on this informative blog.
  4. shutter log: This talented photographer posts daily images on this photo blog.
  5. Photoactive: Written by photographer Philip Dunn, this blog gives tips on things like improving your images in Photoshop, seeing photos differently and much more.
  6. Another Dose of Imagery: Find thoughtful images of everyday life in this frequently updated photo blog.
  7. Top Left Pixel: Canadian photographer Sam Javanrouh posts regularly on this photo blog with images he takes from everyday life.
  8. Shifting Pixel: This blog not only presents photos but also spends a great deal of time talking about photographic experiences, techniques and the photographers themselves.
  9. Flak Photo: Flak Photo "promotes interesting visual approaches to seeing the world and celebrates the art of exhibiting quality photography online."


From illustrating magazines and comic books to children’s stories, these blogs cover a wide range of illustration issues.

  1. Illustration Art: This blog celebrates some of the great illustrators who have contributed to books and magazines in the 20th century.
  2. Scamp: While focused in Ireland, this blog still provides a great place to learn about the recent trends and emerging talents in the illustration world.
  3. Words and Pictures: The illustration department at the Parsons School of Design maintains this blog which talks about recent exhibits, important illustrators and work the students are doing within the school.
  4. Illustrophile: Those working in or who just appreciate illustration and commercial art will appreciate this blog. Posts highlight a wide range of artists so you can learn about the work that’s out there and get inspired in your own endeavors.
  5. Chris Wahl Art: Illustrator Chris Wahl maintains this blog where he posts his most recent work, illustrations and caricatures.
  6. Illustration Friday: This blog posts a weekly illustration challenge and participants in each challenge can submit their own work. It also posts the latest news on the illustration world and provides a forum for illustrators and artists to talk.
  7. Penelope Illustration: Penelope Dullaghan posts her latest work in this blog as well as information about her life and much more.
  8. Illustration for Kids: If illustrating children’s books has always been your dream, check out this blog focused on the work of the best children’s illustrators.
  9. The Illustration Gallery: This site and the accompanying blog are home to online exhibitions of great illustration work.
  10. Drawn!: Get updates on the world of illustration and comic book drawing from this informative blog.
  11. Character Design: If you want to work in illustration, animation or any other creative field where character design is essential, check out this blog for interviews and images from old pros in the field.
  12. Pikaland: Blogger Amy uses this blog to catalog illustrated items that she finds inspiring and interesting and you just might as well.