100 Free, Essential Web Tools for Digital Artists

Nov 26th, 2008

Whether you make creative digital videos of performance art, paint with computer programs or are on your way to one of the best design schools, there are loads of ways that you can get free online tools to help you with your project. Here we’ve listed 100 tools to get you started sharing your work, converting files, editing and much more.

Drawing Tools

These online tools are a great free way to start drawing, painting and getting creative.

  1. Odopod: Check out this sketch pad for a great paper-like surface and a unique look to the drawing tools that’s like no other online drawing tool.
  2. ArtPad: With a brush-like cursor and a range of simple options for drawing, this program makes creating images online fun and easy.
  3. ComicsSketch: This free online program makes it easy to create and publish a comic, just for fun or for posting later in your blog.
  4. KerPoof Studio: This simple drawing tool is great for jotting down ideas or creating basic sketches.
  5. Queeky Online Drawing: Similar in format to downloadable applications, Queeky allows you to create quality drawings right from the Web.
  6. Google Sketchup: Whether you need to make a simple plan or a detailed 3-D rendering, this tool is the most sophisticated way to do it without paying a dime.
  7. WiiPlayable Paint: Even if you don’t have a Wii you can have fun playing with this online painting tool.
  8. Flash Paint: This online painting tool allows you to create an image in the Flash program, save it to your computer or share it with others who use the site.
  9. Scriblink: Great for jotting down class notes, making sketches and sharing ideas, this online whiteboard is well worth bookmarking.
  10. Offtype Painter: This drawing tool is simple in design but allows users to create just about anything they can imagine.
  11. WebSketch: With a menu similar, but much simpler, than pricier tools, you’ll be able to create a wide range of quality images using this web tool.
  12. Scribbler: With Scribbler, your simple line drawing is transformed into something else with the program’s rendering tools.
  13. Viscosity: Become one of the modern masters with this contemporary art creation tool that offers surgical technician type precision..
  14. Qbesq: Need to draw a fancy arabesque or complicated design but don’t have your old Spirograph hanging around anymore? Try out this online version instead.
  15. All My Magic: This tool allows users to save, send or use the images they create as avatars.
  16. Brushster: The National Gallery of Art provides this fun and simple online drawing tool for budding digital artists.
  17. skrbl:While extended features aren’t free, you can try out this drawing tool’s demo at no cost. Create your own drawings or draw on existing photos.
  18. Litha Paint: Here you can create and share vector graphics right from your browser.
  19. PaintBox: Another NGA drawing tool, PaintBox is a basic online painting tool for creating simple images.

Collaborative and Social Drawing

Why work alone when you can draw with someone else or share what you’ve done immediately? Even students at top online universities can benefit from advice and feedback from other artists.

  1. WebCanvas: This site allows you to paint on the world’s largest collaborative painting, watch other’s paint or just share your art with others from around the globe.
  2. SwarmSketch: On this site, you’ll get a themed idea and work together with others to create an image that reflects that idea. Topics have included everything from Sarah Michelle Gellar to The Stock Market Crash of 1929.
  3. SketchFu: From stick figures to fully rendered drawings, this site allows you to create and share your works of art and let others see just how you did it.
  4. Sketch Swap: Create a drawing on this site and you’ll be able to share it with anyone you want.
  5. BeFunky: Turn your videos into animations and share them with others on this fun site.
  6. Mikons: Here you can create logos and designs, share them with others and even get them printed on merchandise.
  7. Noughts: This Japanese site makes it easy to share and rate digital drawings, and see step by step how they were made.
  8. Rate My Drawing: Create drawings on this site and let others tell you what they think of them.
  9. Sketch Planet: Skype is the most popular voip service. You can use VOIP to collaborate by phone call through your computer. Check out voip coupons here.
  10. Scribble: With Scribble, you can create drawings, send them to friends and even get a play back of how you created them.
  11. MyDrawings: Take part in the sharing and creation of drawings on this fun and interactive site.
  12. Imagination Cubed: GE provides this fun drawing site where you can create simple images to share or work with others to build a collaborative work.
  13. Jotspace: Check out Jotspace to share ideas and drawings with others and sketch with each other in real time.
  14. DabbleBoard: From simple flowcharts to more complex drawings, you can share your ideas with others using this online whiteboard.
  15. Dreamzone: This site allows you to create a drawing and then for others to work on it, possibly making it better or worse. The best version is voted on and stays to fight another round.
  16. iSketch: Not only can you create drawings on this site but you can chat with friends and collaborate together as well.

Photo Editing

You don’t need to shell out big bucks for Photoshop to do some basic photo editing. These online tools let you do it simply and without spending a dime.

  1. Aviary Phoenix: This web-based image editor is one of the best available and is loaded with cool (and free) features.
  2. Alilg: This free online photo editor provides artists and everyone else with some basic tools to create great images.
  3. Picnik: With Picnik you can edit photos from your computer or those you’ve uploaded to Flickr. Basic accounts are free but additional features will cost you.
  4. FotoFlexer: If you’ve got images posted on MySpace or Facebook, this program allows you to edit them directly online. With new features planned in the near future is a great tool to add to your repertoire.
  5. Phixr: Add some simple effects to your photos using this tool or convert between image types as well.
  6. pixer.us: Here you’ll be able to edit your photos online, apply effects and even save your work in a variety of formats.
  7. Splashup: Arranged to look similar to Photoshop, this tool has an impressive array of features for an online too and will make image editing easier than ever online.
  8. PhotoshopExpress: While advanced accounts aren’t free, you can try out a trail of this Adobe program that let’s you edit images online, share them on Flickr or Facebook and store up to 2GB of them on the site.
  9. Pixenate: This tool can be a great way to edit your own images or to embed on your website for others to use as well.
  10. FlauntR: Add some effects to your images with this easy-to-use online image tool.
  11. LunaPic: This simple photo editing tool is great for when you just need some small tweaks done.
  12. 72Photos: Get a free account on this site and you’ll be able to edit and save your photos online.
  13. myImager: Use the tools, filters and effects provided by this image editing tool to alter the look of any image you have on the Web.
  14. PiccyFix: With PiccyFix you can do some simple image editing to make sure your photos are just the way you want them.
  15. OnlinePhotoTool: Whether you want to edit images from your PC or those you have stored online, this tool is an easy way to do it.
  16. VicImager: VicImager allows users to resize, adjust brightness, and even add some effects.
  17. Pikipimp: With this tool you can add a little bling to your photos with effects for glitter and animations.
  18. Picture2Life: Here you’ll find a variety of tools to help you easily edit images online.

Video Editing

Make sure your artistic vision is being met with these helpful online video editing sites.

  1. Cellsea: Cellsea is a useful tool for doing everything from converting file formats to adding effects and sound to a video.
  2. JayCut: This easy-to-use Flash video editing program allows users to add clips, music, effects and transitions to their videos.
  3. One True Media: Here you can mix photos, videos, music and more to create a great presentation about you or your work.
  4. Vidavee Graffiti: Tag your own videos or make humorous contributions to the videos of others with this fun online tool.
  5. Kaltura: If you’re looking for a way to easily organize and store your videos, check out this open source option.
  6. Editor One: Check out this tool to edit your videos and publish them all over the web.
  7. MovieMasher: re-sequence, add effects, music and more in the easy-to-use timeline editor provided by MovieMasher.
  8. VideoEgg: Whether you want to edit your own videos or create a fun new mashup, you can do both with VideoEgg’s free online software.
  9. Eyespot: Eyespot offers video editing and sharing software than you can easily embed into your own website to apply all kinds of effects to your videos.
  10. Jumpcut: With Jumpcut you can dub, cut, title and more and share the results with others.

Free Graphics

If you want some graphics to work with or put in your work, these sites provide some great vector choices free of charge.

  1. GoMedia Vector Pack: This free collection of images can provide you with everything from animals to paint splatters.
  2. Disignious Vintage: Skulls, angels, flowers and girls are the focus of this free graphics set.
  3. BySkell: This simple set includes a tree, skull, banners and more that you can use royalty free.
  4. Electronic Devices: Need a quick graphic of an iPod or a DVD player? These free choices have got you covered.
  5. Sports: These silhouettes range from skydiving to roller skating.
  6. Ecology: With green things all the rage, why not have a few green images like these on hand just in case?
  7. Sexy Girls: If your website or design needs a little jazzing up, consider the addition of one of these free sexy girls.
  8. Swirly Curls and Ornaments: Add a little decoration with some free swirly and curly designs.
  9. Bugs: Whether you hate creepy crawlies or love them, you’ll enjoy these free bug images.
  10. Ornaments: Swirls, foliage and butterflies make up this free collection.


Whether you’re converting image formats or videos, these online tools can be a big help.

  1. Image Converter: With over 100 major image formats supported, this tool can help you convert just about anything.
  2. Online Image Optimizer: Convert images between JPG, GIF and PNG formats on this site.
  3. Zamzar: Whether you need to convert images, music, videos, documents or something else, this tool has got you covered.
  4. Convert Tube: If you want to be able to watch your videos on your iPod or PSP, use this helpful conversion tool.
  5. Media Convert: From presentations to videos, this site can help you convert pretty much any kind of file.
  6. iaza.com: This site is full of tools to convert all kinds of image formats and even apply some effects as well.
  7. Vector Magic: Need to make your Bitmaps into vector images? Check out this online tool that can do it for you right from your browser.

Online Portfolios

These sites can help you share your creations with the world.

  1. Voodoo Chili: With a free membership to this site you can upload up to 7 images, get comments, post your resume and much more.
  2. FinalCrit: This Flash-based site helps users to create simple and attractive galleries of their best images.
  3. Carbonmade: Here you can host your portfolio online for free with tools that make it easy for both Web-novices and experts to create a site that reflects their personality.
  4. FigDig: If your artwork is the kind that begs to be viewed in high resolution, then check out this site to create an awesome online portfolio.
  5. Shadowness: Join other digital artists with this online portfolio tool. You’ll be able to post your own images and see the inspirational work of other artists out there.
  6. DeviantArt: This site has a huge online community, and can be a great place to put a portfolio up to find others with similar interests and get a little recognition for your skills.
  7. Coroflot: Coroflot doesn’t just provide a place to put your portfolio, it’s also home to numerous job listings so you can use that portfolio to help you find work.
  8. Viewbook: With a streamlined appearance and great drag and drop functionality, this site can be a great choice for designers looking for a simple way to house their work online.
  9. Behance: Both a design community and a place to post your work, this site can be a great way to network and maybe even find a job.
  10. ArtistPortfolios: Here you can set up multiple galleries to show off your work and let others know all about you.
  11. ArtMajeur: If you’re not just looking to show your work but to sell it as well, consider this online portfolio option.


From tools that are just for fun to those that find free images, these tools can help make your art better.

  1. Shapeshifter: Give this tool a try to create fun and original animations online.
  2. MorgueFile: Check out this site to find loads of public domain engineering images you can use in your designs or art.
  3. StockXchng: The images on this site are available for you to use, at no charge.
  4. PicFindr: This online tool makes it easy to search for free images to use.
  5. Color Schemer Online: Create a great color scheme for a painting or even for your living room using this tool.
  6. Pixie Color Analyzer: See a color you just love on the web but can’t see to get it right in your drawing tool? This program allows you to get information about any color and use it for yourself.
  7. Adobe Kular: This site can help you find the perfect mix of colors for your designs and images.
  8. Ultimate Flash Face: This fun tool allows you to create a face using pre-rendered features.
  9. Block Posters: If you’re looking to print out one of your digital images, this tool can help you figure out the right size.