100 Awesome Niche Photo Sites You’ve Never Heard Of

Nov 25th, 2008

By Kelsey Allen

The Internet is full of wonderful resources for photographers, artists, and designers. Among these resources, you’ll find a variety of websites that have a narrow, focused approach. Read on to find 100 of the best sites that cater to specific photography niches.


These organizations provide resources and support for specific types of photographers.

  1. Professional Photographers of America (PPA): For anyone who makes money from their photos, joining this organization is essential.
  2. National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP): Join this organization to get access to a knowledgeable online community, discounts, tech support, and more.
  3. International Association of Panoramic Photographers (IAPP): This organization offers a wealth of information about panoramic photography.
  4. Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI): WPPI offers valuable information and resources to its members.
  5. North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA): Through this association, you can find information, resources, and education for nature photography.
  6. Women in Photography International: Women in Photography is a strong advocate for the visibility of female photographers and the photographs they create.
  7. National Press Photographers Association (NPPA): Learn about issues and information important to press photographers through this organization.
  8. The Center for Fine Art Photography (C4FAP): C4FAP promotes the art of photography with programs, exhibitions, and education.
  9. The Royal Photographic Society (RPS): This society is open to amateurs and professional photographers, specifically in the United Kingdom.
  10. American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP): This organization supports publication photographers worldwide.
  11. Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA): This organization celebrates and supports wedding photojournalism.
  12. Society for Photographic Education (SPE): The SPE is all about supporting photographic education.
  13. The Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA): CAPA is just for Canadian photographers.


Photojournalists can find support and inspiration from these websites.

  1. A Little News: For photojournalists and those who aspire to become one, this blog offers advice and inspiration.
  2. Lightstalkers: These photographers, journalists, filmmakers, and travelers are in developing or destroyed countries.
  3. American Photojournalist: Find featured photos, other photographers, and news on this website.

Outdoor & Travel

Locate photo spots, travel guides, and more using these websites.

  1. Photo Travel: Check out this website to get travel guides for photographers.
  2. Photo Locations Guide: Check out this website to find photo locations throughout the US.
  3. Travel Photographers Network: Join this community of serious amateur and professional travel photographers to learn about scenic destinations, tips, and more.
  4. Flying With Fish: On this blog, you’ll find excellent information and resources for traveling as a photographer.
  5. LocationIndex: Using this site, you can find and share great locations for photographs.

Wedding, Event & Portrait

Learn more about the art and business of custom photography from these websites.

  1. Wed Shooter: This blog examines the wedding photography industry, and is full of top notch images.
  2. Pictage TV: Here you can find interviews, tutorials, and more for photographers specializing in weddings, events, and portraits.
  3. Open Source Photo: The Open Source Photo forum is a great resource for wedding and portrait photographers.
  4. Collective Lens: This website supports promoting social change with photos.
  5. SportsShooter: Get news about sports shooting, share your images, learn about workshops, and more on this site.
  6. The Wedding Photography Project: This blog offers news, resources, and more for wedding photographers.

Fashion & Commercial

On these websites, you’ll find resources and information for magazine shooters, fashion photographers, and more.

  1. Fashion Photography Blog: This blog is a resource written by a fashion photographer, for fashion photographers.
  2. Editorial Photographers: Learn about the industry of editorial photography from this website.
  3. SHOWstudio: SHOWstudio will keep you up on the latest in photography, fashion, and fashion photography.
  4. Microstock Diaries: Read this blog to learn about making money from microstock photography.

Science & Medical

These websites cover the details of scientific photography.

  1. Medical & Scientific Photography: This website is an online resource for medical professionals and others looking for information on imaging techniques.
  2. Science Photo Library: Learn about techniques and find examples of scientific photography on this website.

Fine Art

Get a look at the fine art side of photography from these websites.

  1. Art Support: On this website, you’ll find lots of great resources for fine art photography, including business forms, advice for exhibitions, and copyright information.
  2. Photograph Mag: This magazine and website will help you find exhibitions, dealers, and other great resources for getting involved in fine art photography.
  3. Fine Art Photoblog: See fine art photography, news, and more on this blog.


These websites are all about photography education and training.

  1. PhotographyMentor: Check out this site to watch videos and learn from professionals, and stick around to network with other photographers around the world.
  2. School of Photography: Learn about digital photography through this website that offers online courses.
  3. Digital Photography School: Check out this blog to get an education in photography.
  4. PBase: PBase offers a forum, galleries, and a magazine.
  5. ShootSmarter: This website offers columns in topics including lighting, Photoshop, and printing.
  6. Photocritic: Learn more about photography through this photography blog.
  7. Better Photo: Learn about photography in this site’s online courses, and then share what you’ve created.
  8. Yanik’s Photo School: Check out this blog to find tutorials, tips, reviews, and more.
  9. Short Courses: This website is an online library for digital photography.
  10. Web Photo School: Get online lessons and tutorials in digital photography through this school.


Take photography gear into your own hands with these websites that will help you DIY your lighting and other supplies.

  1. DIY Photography: Learn how to create your own studio lighting and other photographic tools through this website.
  2. Cheapshooter: Learn how to shoot on a budget with this website.
  3. Fotohacker: These geeks will help you take your photography to the next level.


On these websites, you’ll find great information for creating or maintaining a successful photography business.

  1. Photopreneur: This blog is all about making money from your photos, with lots of information about stock photography.
  2. Photo Lovecat: Anne Ruthman, Jillian Kay, and Christine Tremoulet share their incredible knowledge about photography on this blog.
  3. Strategy Avenue: Strategy Avenue is a great resource for professional photographers, focusing on information that can help you run your business.
  4. Photo Business News and Forum: This blog is all about the business of being a photographer.
  5. Starting a Photography Business: Dan Heller’s website is an excellent resource for anyone getting started as a professional photographer.
  6. BananasEDU: Read this blog for regular insight into the business of photography.


Follow the information in these websites to learn how to execute a variety of photographic techniques.

  1. Assignment Construct: Learn about all of the details that came together to create a photograph here.
  2. Pinhole Resource: Check out this website to learn about pinhole photography.
  3. Strobist: The Strobist community is all about lighting, and often offers DIY or cheap solutions to lighting challenges.
  4. Studio Lighting: Check out this website to learn all about lighting in the studio.
  5. Lomography: This website is all about lomographic photographers and their images.
  6. Infrared Photography: Get an introduction to infrared photography and find galleries of infrared images on this website.
  7. Macro Photography: This website celebrates and supports everything macro.
  8. Pinhole Visions: Pinhole Visions celebrates photography created through the pinhole process.
  9. Holga: Plastic is Fantastic: If you’re interested in photography using Holga cameras, be sure to check out this website.
  10. Beyond Visible: Visit this site to learn about ultraviolet, infrared, and luminescence photography.
  11. The Nocturnes: These photographers shoot only at night.
  12. Tilt-Shift Photography: Learn how to create fake miniature photographs using a tilt shift lens or Photoshop with this website.
  13. Stereoscopy: Get an introduction to the world of 3-D imaging through this website.
  14. Panoguide: Panoguide offers a valuable resource for panoramas and panoramic photography.
  15. Alternative Photography: The resources on this website cover a variety of different photography processes.


Learn everything you need to know about Photoshop from these sites.

  1. Worth1000: Worth1000′s website revolves around fun and challenging Photoshop contests.
  2. Grunge Textures: Check out this site to find great resources for Photoshop textures.
  3. Photoshop Insider: This blog from Scott Kelby will help you learn about everything Photoshop.
  4. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips: Get great tips, news, tutorials, and more for Lightroom on this blog.
  5. PhotoshopDisasters: Marvel at and learn from some of the awful creations manipulated in Photoshop on this blog.
  6. Photoshop Cafe: Photoshop Cafe offers free resources for Photoshop including tutorials and tips.
  7. Totally Rad Actions: On this website, you’ll find awesome Photoshop actions.
  8. Photoshop Contest: Check out this website to see great images, participate in online forums, and compete in their contests to win prizes for your work.


These websites are fully devoted to helping you find photography resources, tips, and education.

  1. Fredmiranda: On Fredmiranda, you’ll find Photoshop plug-ins, forums, galleries, and more.
  2. Daily Tips to Improve Your Photography: Read this blog to find excellent tips and resources for improving your photographs.
  3. Photojojo: This photo blog comes up with fun and creative tips, projects, and gear for photographers.
  4. Pay It Forward Photography Resources: Pay It Forward has one simple purpose-to inform professional and hobbyist photographers about awesome resources and useful information.
  5. All Day I Dream About Photography: Read this blog to find tips, featured photographers, and more.
  6. Epic Edits: Check out this website to find shooting tips, editing techniques, buying guides, and more for hobbyist photographers.
  7. Camera Dojo: Check out the Camera Dojo for information that will help you take better photos. You’ll also find forums here.

Photography Law

Use these websites to get a photographer’s legal education.

  1. Photographer’s Tool Kit: On this website, you’ll find legal resources for photographers.
  2. Bert P. Krages: This attorney offers legal information for photographers, including a printable copy of a guide to photographer’s rights designed to be kept in your camera bag.
  3. Photography and the Law: This site is a useful resource for anyone who takes photos in the public of people, places, and things.
  4. Photo Attorney: Carolyn E. Wright works for photographers, and regularly features information and resources that are helpful to know about.
  5. Photos and the Law: Here you’ll find a free online legal resource for photographers.


These websites are all about photographic gear.

  1. Photography Review: Check out Photography Review to learn about cameras, techniques, and more.
  2. Photography on the Net: Here you’ll find galleries, Canon digital photography forums, and more.
  3. Nikon Links: On this website, you’ll find an incredible amount of Nikon links.
  4. OK1000 Pentax Blog: This blog focuses on Pentax gear.
  5. Serious Compacts: Learn more about compact cameras on this website devoted solely to this type of camera.
  6. Canon Rumors: Get the latest news about Canon gear from this blog.
  7. 1001 Noisy Cameras: This blog focuses on gear, news, reviews, and more.
  8. Nikon Rumors: Read Nikon Rumors to learn about what’s going on in the Nikon world.
  9. Camera Deals: Check out this blog to learn about the latest deals on cameras and photography gear.
  10. Nikonians: In this community of Nikon fans and users, you’ll find reviews, guides, and more.