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Welcome to, the artist’s guide to launching a successful and lucrative career. We know that it takes more than talent to be a successful artist, so we help individuals explore different careers in the arts and make important decisions about their education and job field. We highlight the best schools and programs for the aspiring artist and offer important advice for students and graduates who want to make informed decisions and follow their passion.

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Art School Programs

Film Schools & Online Degrees

Film school offers students many opportunities for creative and professional exploration. Success in the film industry depends on an individual’s talent and network, but film school can be a great help in expanding a student’s vision and helping them get the professional and internship experience they need to stand out. Students can major in many different areas while gaining hands-on experience through internships, independent and group projects, extracurricular activities and opportunities found through the school or through the community. Whether you decide to enroll in a special art or film school or participate in a film department within a campus-based or online school, you will find that a degree in a film-related discipline can help you make contacts, learn technical and creative strategies and give you the opportunity to grow and experiment with your talent.

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Multimedia & Web Schools & Online Degrees

Students interested in a career in multimedia and web design have many job opportunities awaiting them after school. From game design to animation to graphic design to digital production and video producing, multimedia design and media arts is an incredibly versatile industry. Students will find academic and training programs in all kinds of educational environments, including online schools, associate programs, diploma or certificate programs, undergraduate and graduate degrees and more. These programs are found within new media departments, communications departments, and art, design or the media arts departments.

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Top Online Art Schools

Art Institute New York Degree Programs

The Art Institute of New York City belongs to the greater network of The Art Institutes. The New York City school is located in the SoHo/Tribeca area of Manhattan, a popular downtown neighborhood dedicated to cutting edge fashion, arts, shopping, dining and nightlife. Founded in 1980 as an independent school, the New York City location became integrated into The Art Institutes network in 2003. The school is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), but only to award associate’s degrees and certificates. Because the school only awards associate’s degrees and certificates, students gain an introductory understanding of the design concepts and skills that prepare them for entry-level positions in the workplace or for advanced study and internships in their respective fields. Available programs offered at The Art Institute of New York City include Design, Fashion, Media Arts and General Studies, which combines coursework in culture, the humanities and technical disciplines.

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Art Careers

Game Designer Career & Average Salary

Game designers possess a unique mixture of skills that includes both creative talent and technical computer skills. Game designers create video games and online games, using techniques in illustration and animation, 3D and 2D design, storytelling, graphic design, web design, interactive media, digital production and more. Game designers must be able to design games that are appropriate for different audiences and that appeal to a range of demographics. They also have a working knowledge of programming, fine art, framing, and even software development. Game designers can work for small or large companies and design firms. Online game designers may even find work as freelancers. Within the industry, game designers can find work not only as designers but as publishers, programmers, marketers, developers, producers and assistants.

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Graphic Designer Career & Average Salary

Graphic designers must possess a combination of skills, including creativity, technical computer and design skills, and the ability to understand how to reach an audience. They are responsible for helping marketing departments, small business owners, large corporations, nonprofit groups and government agencies communicate their brand or cause to a specific audience through effective design. Graphic designer work with a number of different media, including the Internet, print, and even digital media. They must have a working knowledge of illustration, the appropriate computer software, typography and font creation, layout, storytelling, color, photography, shape, spacing, light and more. As more and more advertising space is sold and purchased online, graphic designers need to have cutting edge web design skills too, especially if they are freelancers or independent contractors. Graphic designers can work for a large company as an in-house professional, for a graphic design or multimedia design firm, or as a freelancer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that around 25% of graphic designers are self-employed. Graphic designers must have excellent communication and client relationship and customer management skills, as well as the ability to understand the message a client wishes to broadcast to his or her audience. Graphic designers who have the best jobs and retain the top clientele are always learning about new techniques, styles and media that will make their work cutting edge and their clients’ material stand out.

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Choosing the Right Art or Design Field for You

Though most artists already know which creative outlet is their preferred form of expression, it may take a little more reflection to choose an academic and/or professional path that incorporates that artistry. Writers alone may choose to go into fiction writing or poetry, journalism, essay writing or freelancing. An artist who loves to draw or sketch may want to illustrate books, create comic strips or learn about Web design. Choosing early on the right kind of art or design that matches your creative side and your professional goals will help you stay organized and focused while you’re in school or trying to break into the industry.

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Online Art Degrees vs. Traditional Art Degrees

Once you have decided to attend an accredited art school or another institution in order to earn an art degree, you will need to determine what your overall needs and goals are and how you can best achieve them. If you aren’t able to relocate due to work or family responsibilities, then you may want to consider an online school. If, however, you are able to move to a different state or country in order to attend the art program that’s best for you, you’ll probably want to enroll in a more traditional art program. Both kinds of programs can be either very helpful or very frustrating for art students, so you’ll need to carefully evaluate your learning personality, discipline and professional goals before you select a program.

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